3 Public Warehousing Fears You Need to Get Over

3 Public Warehousing Fears You Need to Get Over

If you own a company with lots of inventory and customers spread around different geographical zones, warehousing is inevitable. You may, however, get a little bit critical about shared warehouses because of all the myths doing the rounds.

What is the truth about shared warehousing companies? Below are 3 false beliefs you need to throw out the window:

1. Shared warehouses have a one-size-fits-all model

Have you been afraid of outsourcing warehousing services because you believe that none can meet your unique needs? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Top warehousing companies do not just provide some space for you to store your inventory. They have all the resources necessary to get your goods client-ready if you are dealing with consumer packed goods.

Even for canned foods and cereals that strictly require dry conditions, warehouses have the ideal environment to keep these foods from moisture damage.

Warehouses can offer customization for goods for example repackaging, putting protective packaging, product cleaning, repair, refurbishment; to name a few.

2. You will lose control of your items

You will not be involved in your day to day inventory management, but you will not lose control either. Top third party logistics providers (3PLs) have technology in place to ensure that you can monitor the progress of your stock.

A public warehousing company will also put together real-time reports to keep you informed about your inventory, from packaging to shipment.

3. Outsourcing warehousing is expensive

Have you been leasing or renting out a space to store your inventory? Or maybe you want to build your own. You may be surprised to know that these options can end up being more expensive than hiring a 3PL warehouse provider.

There are many ways you can save when you outsource warehousing.

First, these companies have invested in the best technology which means that you do not need to. Some of these investments are very costly and could wreak havoc on your finances especially if you are a small business.

Secondly, in a 3PL warehouse, you only pay for the space that your inventory occupies. That means no additional costs like you would incur if you were renting or leasing a warehouse with excess capacity. That gives you the flexibility to scale your business up and down during seasonal changes.

Thirdly, you will take advantage of the inventory management expertise of the staff working in a public warehouse. You do not have to hire your own, which saves you costs.

Lastly, you never have to worry about prompt order delivery to customers. You have your goods close to the customer, which means fast delivery and lower prices.

Final Words

The growth of your business depends on how well you manage your inventory and meet customers’ demands. You can even outsource a few of your supply chain functions—those that you do not have the resources to handle.

When you outsource warehousing to a 3PL company, you are signing up for excellent management of your stock and cost-efficiency. That means more profitability for your business.

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