Cross Docking

Cross Docking

We Ensure Safe and Shorter Delivery Times:

Cross-docking is a crucial part of order processing and shipping. We load and unload your materials from and to trucks, rail cars, trailers, etc. for the fast delivery of orders.

As a leading 3PL company, we, Xologistic, are well-versed in streamlining the cross-docking operations anywhere and ant time. Increase your order fulfilling rates and reduce transportation lead times with us. We have bays and trolleys to load and unload your cargo and our warehouse management system provides proof of delivery as well. Many global companies have utilized our cross-docking services since our inception in the warehouse industry. We have temperature-controlled docks to take necessary precautions as some items need more protection.

Our experienced staff ensures on-time and the same-day delivery without damage to your cargo with good transport facilities. They also have expertise in sorting the orders right way so that ensure fast, reliable, and efficient shipment takes place. As we label all your containers, loading and unloading equipment will become hassle-free and ascertain that right shipment on the right rail car or truck.

Do you need cross-decking services for your products?. Partner with us to avail of our efficient cross-docking services and make your distribution easy.

How Cross-Docking Works

Cross docking is the transfer of items in a shipment that involves little to no storage and product handling. That means that when you ship your products, we immediatelyunload them from the incoming truck, screen and sort them if required, and load them to an outbound vehicle to be delivered to your customers. Some product s may require some brief storage, but never for an extended period.

The benefits of cross-docking services include:

  • Product sorting or combining from a central site
  • Complete elimination or significant reduction in inventory storage costs
  • Reduced handling costs
  • Reduced costs of distribution
  • Reduced transportation costs as goods are shifted from high-cost LTL (less-than-truckloads) to consolidated trucks
  • Faster delivery times to customers

Why Choose XoLogistic?

XoLogistic is an established and reputable 3PL service provider. We have helped both small and large businesses in different industries have efficient logistics processes.

We have set ourselves apart because we delight in satisfying you, our client. That is why we have not held back when it comes to investing in the best resources and creating a capacity to meet your needs.

Our facilities include:

  • 16 docks to ease loading and offloading of high-volume goods
  • Enough space for packing of trucks and trailers overnight
  • An adequate fleet of trucks, fully equipped with the latest safety and tracking technology

We offer:

  • Same-day order fulfilment
  • Discounted rates four our services and with other shipping providers as your business grows

Is Cross Docking Right for You?

You need to hire cross-docking services if you:

  • You supply pre-packaged products complete with ticketing and labelling
  • You can provide the right product in the right volume at the right time
  • You supply items with predictable demand; popular items; promotion items intended for advertising blitzes, and staple items.
Do you need cross-decking services for your products?. Partner with us to avail of our efficient cross-docking services and make your distribution easy.