Distribution Management

Distribution Management

We Simplify Your Inventory Distribution Management:

The warehouse industry is a dynamic industry and distribution has the major share of the economy to it. There are myriad benefits for businesses if they avail of various cost-effective distribution services for their supply chain management.

We, Xologistic, a leading 3PL company, understand the urge of distribution services and accordingly, had a wide range of distribution centers across the northeast region as a part of the supply chain network to provide timely customer service across the world. Our talent pool redesigns unique capacity switching strategies for speedy material movement.

Moreover, we use 4R’s formula for smooth execution of customer orders is Right Cargo, Right place, Right customer, and Right time.

Whoever they end customer either consumer, wholesale retailers of your products, or shops, we use emerging technologies to speed up the distribution process. We hold adequate trucks, trailers, rail cars, other transport facilities that provide a good delivery experience. Furthermore, we provide EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration with the retailers that eases the process by eliminating the method of manual exchange of documents and speeds up the distribution.

Our efficient warehousing strategies reduces your inventory operating costs and yields higher inventory turnover to your business. Meet our inventory distribution manager for more details on picking and consolidation of orders.