Short Term Warehousing Solutions

Short Term Warehousing Solutions

The last thing you want to lose is your sale or a long-term client because you couldn’t fulfill an order. It is extremely difficult to predict the product demand in this volatile market, yet you have to be vigilant when it comes to fulfilling orders. For a small business, which is outgrowing its current storage space, it doesn’t make sense to rent out another warehouse with a long-term contract. It can be a big investment and way out of your budget. But what seems sensible is renting short term warehousing so that excessive goods and inventory can be stored temporarily. If you sell products that are very niche or if your business is seasonal, this is exactly where the need for finding a vacant warehouse begins for short-term use.

Short term warehousing is ideal for businesses that are unsure of exactly how long they will need the storage space. Nevertheless, you would only want to pay for storage when you need it. While the market is filled with 3PL providers that may offer lucrative storage contracts, Xologistic can provide you with short term warehousing services to streamline your supply chain operations.

While the changing consumer behavior can lead to stranded shipping containers piling up in seaports, growing demand for certain goods can also result in an increase in production.

This has two consequences:

1. Companies need to build up safety stocks to prevent interruptions in supply

2. Currently unsaleable goods need to be stored temporarily yet securely

In this baffling situation, Xologistic is able to provide temporary logistics space to companies that are urgently looking for vacant and available storage capacity.

Why Choose Xologistic as your Short Term Warehousing Partner?

From pallet storage to packing and handling, cross-docking, returns management, trash, and recycling, among other services, you can use a portion of Xologistic’s 450,000 square feet of space, large enough to accommodate your inventory for temporary storage.

Xologistic can store your excess inventory and schedule the delivery of additional goods from your stock on an as-needed basis or on a regular timetable.

  • Expecting a huge shipment and your warehouse is already overspilling? Xologistic has room in its 450,000 square feet of space.
  • Have excess inventory planning for transitional or peak stocking? Save your space and store your inventory with Xologistic.
  • Does your large shipment need to be broken down into smaller deliveries? Xologistic can receive your shipment and prepare it for delivery as required.

Xologistic can provide you with reliable short term warehousing to meet your business needs. You are just a click away to experience one of the most sought-after logistics services in the country.