Everything You Need to Know About Logistics and Warehousing

Everything You Need to Know About Logistics and Warehousing

Warehousing is the key component of logistics management and how your business manages the storage and transportation of your inventory. Logistics and warehousing must be aligned within your business to have the most efficient effect on your supply chain. The collaboration between logistics and warehousing needs to be utilized while maintaining efficient levels of synchronization to get the most out of your supply chain.

Therefore, it is important to understand how the two functions in order to garner the most effectiveness and efficiency within a business.

What is the difference between logistics and warehousing?

Simply put, they are two different entities of similar functions within your supply chain. That is, warehousing is the storage of inventory and goods securely within a specified space, whereas logistics is the broad-gauge function of internal movement, storage, and transportation of the same inventory. So, in terms of their operational scope, logistics and warehousing are a tandem. With that said, it is important to ensure that these components collaborate regarding the operations for the good health of your supply chain.

What is warehouse logistics?

As discussed, these two depend on each other for the robust functioning of the supply chain. Hence, warehouse logistics bounds all the complex factors in the supply chain, including management, organization, transportation, stocking, and listing, among other things, involved in warehousing. This also includes shipping and receiving the inventory as well as gathering information and time management. All in all, every operation that helps the warehouse run smoothly without any hassle comes under warehouse logistics. This could also mean that it can extend to factors like damaged goods handling, creating and abiding by the safety policies, regulating warehouse rules, human resource management, and even client handling.

What are the challenges in logistics and warehousing?

For something as large as a warehouse where hundreds and thousands of products and goods are stored, organization is one aspect that needs superior attention. Businesses have put in a lot of investment just to achieve detailed control over things in logistics and warehousing. From knowing the exact location of where a particular product is stored in the warehouse to disposing of perishable products that have expired, loading the necessary quantities in a truck for shipping to handling the damaged goods, a lot goes into play in organizing a warehouse.

What are the benefits of warehouse logistics?

Logistics and warehousing have plenty of benefits, and if chosen the right service provider, you can bring back your supply chain on track.

  • Maximize the warehouse space
  • Auto-replenishment of inventory
  • Decrease returns
  • Accurate and real-time inventory management