Knot or Bind Your Products Together With Our Kitting Solutions:

Outsourcing inventory kitting (inventory bundling) has become the need of the hour for many manufacturing industries and other businesses as it needs more labor costs and companies need to invest more time and hefty sums.

Being a one-stop solution for all types of warehousing services, we, Xologistic, a third-party logistics company, offer custom kitting services to global clients across diverse industries. Avail our kitting services to save your time and overhead costs. Our team of experts is well-versed and skilled in bundling various types of items together either of manufacturing or engineering or consumer items. Our kitting and assembly experts work in tandem with advanced technologies and provide custom kitting solutions.

Accuracy, transparency, and on-time delivery are our core values in sorting and assembling products or goods. Our kitting professionals have expertise in providing fast and easy assembly of items. They group the related items and make it a single unit. The kitting process, grouping, assembling, and everything are supervised by the managers to ensure fault-free packing. We first understand your kitting requirements and deliver a plan of action by wireframing all the specifications so that it can match every order requirements. All the goods can be assembled as a kit and delivered together on time without compromising on accuracy.

If you are looking for the same, get a quote from us to get our reliable, customized, and affordable kitting services!

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