We are Masters in Return Management:

Every order fulfillment faces the problem of order returns and managing them will be a tough row to hoe. However, overlooking this aspect costs you with decreased brand credibility and customer loyalty. Where there is 100% customer satisfaction, there will be continuous growth for a business. Here comes the advantage of Reverse Logistics Solutions, one of the subsidiarity part of the supply chain management.

We, Xologistic, being a renowned third-party logistics company strives for client’s satisfaction, and accordingly, manage their inventory and order fulfillment processing. Our team of return management specialists device innovative strategies to manage returns effectively and efficiently. Our return management solutions provide transparency from picking up and transport all the warehouse returns to monitoring and messaging updates such as product or goods’ condition, quality, and other metrics instantly.

Our Reverse logistics include – Product/Goods inspection (for finding defects/damages), Credit processing (instant money returns), Parts replacement (in case of damaged parts), Re-kitting (bundling the items together again), Re-packaging, and Return to the distributor or manufacturer. Moreover, all the damaged and returned assets/products can be shipped to the manufacturer for recycling the products.

We are a single platform that manages all these phases of returns management. Avail our strategic reverse logistics and streamline your return logistics to gain customer loyalty thus yield abundant benefits.

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